Mention in a previous post of property developers reminds me to wonder how it is that as private citizens they can get whole streets and parts of streets blocked off while building their grand designs. Roads are public property, not builders' yards. Don't councils have responsibility to all the community? In Melbourne at the moment there are at least three big building sites - in St Kilda and Camberwell - where lanes of major roads are closed off to facilitate what are always mendaciously described as "road works". At one a queue of traffic is banked up for nearly a kilometre every day. It seems to me that the rule should be that if you can't build a building on its site without spreading out into the street and disrupting daily life the project must be too big and you shouldn't build it. If you insist, you should build it in the wee small hours and pay penalty rates. Motorists' patience is subsidising developers' budgets.

16 January 2012

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