From the City of Port Phillip's trashy but relentlessly right-on ratepayer-funded "official newsletter" Divercity (get it?) :

"Adam Cauley is fired up about cigarette butts and other rubbish in our city... On his last Butt Safari survey, Adam and others counted an amazing 23,721 butts in gutters and on a small section of beach."

Port Phillip being what it is, i.e. in large part St Kilda, it is helpful to have it specified that these were cigarette butts.

It is also tempting to suggest that Adam, in addition to getting a life, could now turn his energies to finding out how much money the anti-smoking campaign "Quit" gets from the taxpayer, and whether in the light of his Butt Survey it is money well spent.

Argus has always suspected that such quangoes as "Quit" (or "Quit Victoria" to give it its full name) and the TAC with their ludicrously incompetent efforts to scare smokers and drivers have never been more than a front for transferring large sums of taxpayers' money to one of the less agreeable appurtenances of capitalism, advertising agencies.

By the way, is "Quit Victoria" an imperative and if so is that what the Victorian government really means?

3 April 2012

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