Is the Labor Party becoming irrelevant? It's hard to see to whom it's relevant. Once its blue-collar working-folk-against-the-bosses constituency faded away it had no future except as a party of middle-class manufactured grievance. But there is another party that does that sort of thing much better. Indeed for the Greens grievance is the sole reason for existence. The big political battle building up will be between that party - and those who think like it - bent on social deconstruction, planetary government and taking us back to the dark ages economically, and the forces of Conservatism, striving to salvage what they can of civilised order from a disintegration already well advanced. Labor, falling between two stools, will be sidelined.

Any blue-collar "battlers" who value our society but still support Labor would do well to switch their support to their old enemy and vote conservative. Otherwise we can all look forward to the delights of a Green future, at the thought of which the heart quails, and against which, as we have seen in two short years, Labor even in power (so to speak) is impotent to lift a finger.

6 July 2012

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