The lovely church of St Alban in Armadale, Victoria, has now been sold (see "Architecture for Sale", Argus 30 October 2012). For how much and to whom is not disclosed. A "residential use" was much touted in the agent's advertising: with a building so large that would mean flats, and the fine interior of its nave hidden behind a warren of partitions and mezzanines. It will be depressing to see what indignities will now be inflicted on this beautiful church, without doubt one of the best and most original in Australia.

15 November 2012

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  1. How very sad indeed. Another elegant "town church" was the former Queens Methodist Church in Boulder (W.A.), put up in 1897 and named in honour of Queen Victoria's diamond anniversary. it is now sub-divided into 8 two-story units, one of which may be seen here:

    The Methodists who erected this beautiful house of worship inscribed the text "Enter into his gates with thanksgiving" (from Psalm 100) on the arch under which the pulpit would have stood; but now only the words "into his gates with" are visible.

    Would it have been too much trouble to have preserved the full text, as a memento to visitors of the building's original purpose?