Whenever I am confronted with the question of the existence of God - really the only question of any enduring consequence - I ask myself which is the more likely: that everything that exists (including much that I and everyone else do not know exists) came about by chance or that it was generated by the action of a creative force? I cannot but see that the latter is the greater probability. Probability is not certainty but it gives you something to, as it were, take a punt on, a starting point for faith. Accept it, and all the rest falls into place, philosophically, physically and theologically. This conclusion leads me to consider agnosticism a bit of a cop-out.

As to the evil of pain, suffering, cruelty etc. as obstacles to belief, these have no bearing on whether or not God exists, only on what kind of a God might exist. The Christian doctrine that God is Love most contend with these objections. I believe it does so convincingly, but once again my belief is based on probability - does the good in the world outweigh the evil? - and faith.

20 January 2013


  1. In Truth & Reality the first question to be answered is the meaning and significance of death - because death rules to here. Otherwise there is always moment to moment hell-deep fear-and-trembling, and a thus "cullture" that is saturated with death too

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