With nine human rights quangoes all going full blast in the fight for "equality" at the taxpayer's expense, we ought to be able to assume that no dark pockets of discrimination are tolerated against anybody in the new enlightened Australia, ought we not? How then does one explain the slogan on a series of prominent hoardings advertising the services of a firm of female undertakers? Underneath a picture of a woman in a silly hat like a parking inspector's sniffing, for some reason, a rose, we read: "A woman's understanding". A woman's, eh? Therefore by implication a form of understanding a man doesn't have.

But what of male undertakers who would like to think of themselves as showing just as much "understanding" in their job as the lady in the hat? Are they not being shockingly discriminated against, besmirched, held up to ridicule, put down, belittled, offended etc? If they are, that's just too bad, for all the quangoes could care. Yet imagine the screeches from the whole taxpayer-funded establishment of anti-discrimination busybodies if the advertising referred to "a man's understanding". How very understanding of them all not to make a fuss when the boot is on the other foot.

22 June 2013

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