President Obama, the erstwhile “community organiser” who went on to become a successful Canute (by rhetoric alone he has been able, according to the latest data, to fulfil his electoral promise to halt the rising of the seas and the warming of the planet) found himself the other day in front of an audience but without a teleprompter or a script. Whatever words of wisdom he intended to impart, not being in his head or in his heart, were thus unavailable for delivery. You would think he could have ad libbed a bit about hope and change or the injustice of British treatment of the Mau Mau, but he just floundered. "My remarks are not sitting here," he complained, inspecting the empty lectern. "I'm uhhh.... people.... oh goodness..."

No doubt behind the scenes later on the language was a little stronger against whoever let this clockwork president out on the stage without winding him up first.

10 June 2013

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