"The world is too much with us; late and soon," wrote Wordsworth and one knows how he felt. Everyone needs to withdraw for a time from the cacophony of daily discourse, to divert his gaze from the instances of folly and discord that constitute public life and to stop his ears against the shrill cries of madness that echo through the media. That is why I suspended writing Argus. My retreat from the world was not absolute: it fell short of taking myself into a Trappist monastery and therefore probably didn't do much good. But at least I spared myself the frustration of trying to think of something new to say on matters of which everything new that can be said has been said a million times and often by writers far better qualified and with greater felicity of expression than I have.

Now I resume but no more, I hope, to wade into the turbid waters of what a society with too much money and too little to fill its mind regards as issues of great pith and moment (I am sure I need not name them) but which in the sweep of history are flashes in the pan, and sub specie aeternitatis not even a flicker.

Posts will be intermittent, subjects varied. One constant of this blog, the architecture, design and alteration of churches, will continue under the heading "Church Watch".

23 November 2013


  1. Dear Argus, it is good to see you are back...I look forward very much to Church Watch and would suggest you include images.

  2. Welcome back! A wonderful article in the latest Quadrant also: it is some consolation, for the passing of a way of life, that it be chronicalled so elegaically.